Dark and Eerie

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4.5 ⭐

> This is a harder book to review due to the dark themes and triggers! There's topics of abuse, School shootings, bullying and a lot more. However, if you can stomach them it's a really good book!

> The cover is originally what drew me to this book, it perfectly matches the spooky atmosphere of the novel!

> Jake Livingston was a great main character! I loved him so much. I enjoyed following him throughout the book and see his growth as a person.

> Sawyer was a very well executed character in my opinion.

> The writing is fantastic, Douglass was able to tackle important topics while mixing a good amount of horror to the mix.

> The audiobook was also fantastic! the narrator did a fantastic job bringing the story to life and sent shivers down your spines!!

I really really enjoyed it a lot! I recommend for all the fellow true crime fans! Looking forward to what's next for Ryan Douglass!