What's Another Word For Weird?

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"It looks like a lobster vomiting cotton candy all over itself."

The Sushi Prophecies is a super weird title to go with a SUPER weird book and that quote basically sums up the vibe of the story and its characters. However I believe the title "Seb & His Band of Drugged Up Misfits Save the World (Vancouver)" would work just as well.

Picture this: A main character with serious anxiety issues and panic attacks that are quelled via solace in a telephone booth and a pre-recorded voice who has a Miyagi/Uncle Iroh type person leading him towards spiritual enlightenment in a sushi temple so that he can save the world from the chaos of truth brought on by an evil plant.

You kind of have to just take whats happening in this story as it is head on. Hill's writing is pretty poetic at times but the plot can occasionally be quite convoluted and I had to go back and reread parts more than a few times to keep the story straight. The connections made to solve the mystery of the Plant and the plans of the villains are bizarre and obscure but they work. *shrug*

I would say you definitely have to be into eccentric writing and storylines to be into this book. Or be on a serious amount of drugs. Preferably hallucinogens.