This was odd.

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This was a really strange book and not a good type of strange it was kind of just weird and made no sense. It was really slow-paced and starting off I thought it had a lot of potentials, but as I kept reading the potential just died. The story was so confusing, I was lost as I was reading it most of the time. And I wish I had just given up because it just made no sense whatsoever. The writing wasn't bad though, the descriptions were thorough and it was written pretty well actually. I think the author has potential, he just needs to focus his writing more, and make it flow better! I think if he had done that this would have been really good, maybe for a future book? But in this book the characters all kind of just sucked, they were all just so rude and horrible, and one of them was so sexist it was pissing me off. This book was different for sure, the writing style, the characters, everything. Uniqueness is good sometimes, but I'm not sure if it was in this book's case. I think for sure that there are some people who would enjoy this, and if I had been less confusing I might have as well, not the worst thing I've read. I see potential.