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Overall I would have to say that this was an enjoyable book to read . I believe it cold be read more than one time.
I did lose some interest at times but there were also sometime that I couldn't put it down and I was pulled in.
This book is about a man named Sebastian that works by running a greenhouse. He is a designer and has worked his creativity into his management of the greenhouse. He dislikes his girlfriend and enjoys being near water.
When a Sushi place opens up about halfway into the book that is when things took a turn. It opens up near the greenhouse and it ends up being a useful customer. However strange things also start to occur at the greenhouse.
At times the plot was a bit hard to follow and reads like a hallucinogenic drug trip, which makes sense as the psychedelic plant is central to the story.
I liked this book still though The first half of the book was a little slow with not a lot going on. I think the book really could be cut down.