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This was a fairly average book overall. From the very beginning I was getting the feeling that the author was a big fan of Terry Pratchett and was trying to bring elements of his sense of humor to a different setting. However, the humor just felt slightly off. Like the author had their heart in the right place but the jokes, strangeness, and attempt at allegory just fell flat or worse, dated.

I will say I am a huge fan of weird books but weird for some is just sloppy to others and I sadly, fall in the later category of reviewers. The thing is, the premise of the book has so much potential and it feels like the author wasted it by trying a little too hard to either force even weirder elements into the story or attempting to emulate their idols a little too much.

In addition, the first third of of the book is painfully slow, which is the complete opposite for a story that seems so interesting and weird in the synopsis. I know the author was trying to do some world building and making us like the characters more but come on, it's set in a real-world place and even though Canada is a little quirky, it doesn't need to be explained like the setting of a George R.R. Martin book.