Bizarre and Unique

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Full disclosure: I won this raffle at the beginning of the lockdown and did not receive my Advanced Reader Copy until after the book was properly published. Regardless, I was incredibly excited to win this copy and get to reading.

My initial reaction to this book was excited confusion; if you have had the pleasure of reading this story, you know what I mean. This is such a quirky and unique story that I woild recommend anybody read it just for that sole purpose.

As I kept reading, the bizarre kept getting stronger, but it is also why I kept turning the pages. It is definitely the type of weird novel that keeps you captivated.

While I did not feel any particular connection to any individual character, as a whole, I enjoyed them as a whole. Who doesn't enjoy a ragtag gang of hipsters? They can be crass and downright rude at times, but I think it helped make them feel like true people and not literary characters with perfect moral compasses. The writing is so vividly unique and descriptive, it is truly beautiful at times. All in all, it is truly a one of a kind story, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to read it.

All this being said, I would recommend that if you are the type to be easily offended by fiction, perhaps skip this read.