A Strange and Relieving Read

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Thank you so much to Bookish First and Plump Press for my e ARC of The Sushi Prophecies by August Hill!

I started out reading and thought "wow, if Kerouc and Pahliniuk at their craziest had a book baby, this would be it." I continued to read and had Vonnegut vibes too, like The Plant would have fit right in with his mini Jesus seekers.

Like I said, unique. In that "what's going on?" fashion that made me keep reading just to find out more.

I don't particularly love the characters but I appreciate them as a group. They remind me of my friends growing up, pretty crude and making some questionable decisions while getting high and arguing over music. And plants. And other things.

One thing I really did like is how you can tell the author loves Vancouver. I also think it's a wonderful break from the political correctness plague that appears to be hanging over the publishing world.

If you like wacky villains and groups of off-beat heroes this is definitely your book. I would recommend that easily offended people probably stay away from it