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oooooo so i spent some time reading this slowly and i can say it was a good book. I found a lot of things in this book that helps us. I think the little tips here and there were really good, i shared this with a friend and will buy her a copy because we found it to be a good book that brought a bible help to us, i liked the versus that were in here in each section and the therapy part was something i did you know the oil the aromatherapy i think its called. Each day had something for us to think about like day 22 had been about fears and asked for us to write down our fears about relationships and after writing it, it said to rip it to shreds and my day was off to a good start, i felt great doing that, it was like emptying the negative from our mind and body. I love the prayer it shares for us when fear is holding back. this was a good book that help change like to a more sunshine way.