Changing my Life

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This book is going to be one that I re-read and re-read for years to come. It sits on my coffee table for me to read every morning. Tanya and Raquelle are amazing women with amazing and inspiring words to help up-level your life. Every day they have a little information about their own lives and whatever subject is for the day and then something practical for you to work on in your life. I am currently coming out of a year-long depression hole and this book is exactly what I needed to help me with this journey! This will be a book I gift to others, a book I recommend to others. A MUST READ. I am so excited it is out in the world.
Each day is 1-3 pages, so it's a very practical book to implement into your morning routine. The stories are engaging, the writing is even more engaging, and I just cannot stop gushing over how great this book is and how much you need this in your life.