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I loved this read! :)

But boy do I have to say, I have so many unanswered questions! I cannot wait for the sequel and I really hope it will answer all my questions because truly I have so many haha!

The world building was fantastic as well as the characters and the fun plot! Everything was described so well and so vividly that I really enjoyed it and the way it was written really helps the reader imagine the story in their head.

I remember trying to put this book down and just constantly thinking about it until I decided to pick it up again!

There were some things I did not enjoy though, like the odd hinting at misogyny. what was that about? like Niya being portrayed as a hot privileged meathead? uhm.. okay moving on

there were lots of high-stakes going on, and besides the mentioned above it really was quite inclusive with gay rights and such, thoroughly enjoyed that factor.

I do recommend this book!