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Someone said "The Sunbearer Trials" is Hunger Games meets Percy Jackson, and I'd say that was a pretty accurate description. This YA fantasy had colorful worldbuilding inspired by Mexican mythology, which should be more touched on in YA fiction. I love how Thomas brings good representation to their stories.

The competition plotline was unique and exciting, and I enjoyed the mythological setup of the story. It was cool seeing the different gods and their interactions with their demigod children. The characters were also compelling, and I love how Thomas spreads his representation out, not just among the characters we're rooting for, but also those we're warier of. Not everything is black and white, and I think that's what makes Thomas' writing stand out.

The trials were an interesting concept, and I liked how my guesses for the ending kept changing. In the end, I was beyond wrong about most things, which is the best part. I was blown away by that ending and cannot wait for the quest-adventure type book the next in the duology will be.

(Also, this cover is absolute fire.)