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I cannot get over how good this whole book is, and I am SO frustrated that I have to wait at least half a year (why is the release date not out yet?!) until I can get my hands on the second one! THAT CLIFF HANGER IS NO JOKE! I read Cemetery Boys and absolutely adored it, so I already knew I loved Aiden Thomas's writing, and he definitely did not disappoint. I am absolutely in love with the LGBTQIA+ representation throughout, painting a picture of a world where at least that is fully accepted by all. Do they still have MINORS fighting each other in order to avoid being sacrificed? Yes, but at least LGBTQIA+ peeps are safe. It gives me Hunger Games vibes with a splash of Percy Jackson, and I am so here for this combination. The story is rich in culture and brilliantly captivating. Add in a dash of friends to enemies to lovers (question mark? There's definite tension there!), and it's a recipe for success!