Pranks, Self-Discovery, and Dangerous Competitions

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With the traditional Sunbearer Trials approaching, Teo's only concern is for his best friend Niya - who's pretty much guaranteed to be selected - until the unthinkable happens, and he - a lowly Jade semidios - is also chosen to participate in the once-a-decade ritual which ends in the loser giving themself as a sacrifice to sustain the dios Sol. Teo must battle the dangers ahead and find his own place among the brash cohort of semidioses, who might not be so much better than him afterall.

I'll get the quick tagline out of the way - Percy Jackson, but with a South American inspired pantheon, and a dash of Hunger Games deadly stakes and danger.

Teo's story is fast-paced yet overflowing with rich mythology. I was a bit taken out of the story by the characters' modern slang / speech, but that's a personal preference, and overall the book is an easy read. Features cute mischievous pets, unique characters, and interesting twists on special powers.

Also, that gold foil on the cover? Gorgeous.