New gods a nice change

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The Mexican mythology as a focus was refreshing after so many Greek/Roman myth inspired books. The author does a good job of explaining who the gods are as well as the various rankings in comparison to one another. The plot was reminiscent of Hunger Games to a degree, but still different enough so it did not seem old. While I appreciated the author bringing in some modern day issues, at times this got heavy handed. I also wish a greater parallel to gender identity between the gods and the contestants. This was mentioned in passing but more detail would have been great. A pretty good read but I doubt I’ll pick up the second book.
One last comment involves the intended audience. This read like a middle grade book but I believe it was supposed to be YA. Teo’s maturity level seemed more on par with a 13-14 year old than someone who was 17 Perhaps this experience will age him and he’ll seem more mature in book two.