Loved this One!

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This was such a cool story! The main character is the semidiosa named Teo who is the trans son of Quetzal, the Goddess of Birds. Teo is a passionate character that wants the unfair hierarchal system of the Gods to be different. I love how the author showed the nuances of each character and broke down Teo's preconceived notions about the Golds. Also Teo's wings!! The reveal of his wings scene was absolutely incredible, it was such a heartwarming moment.

I loved the worldbuilding and the exploration of all the different diosas and their powers. The characters of the different semidioses competing in the trial really helped bring to life the diversity of the Gods and their various skills. The author really took the time to show how each God's islands were unique and suited to their individual God.

I am so hyped for the next book! I really want to see where this story goes next.