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i loved this book so much! i absolutely loved cemetery boys, and so, though i knew almost nothing about this book going in, i had super high hopes. luckily, it lived up to every single one of them. the world was so immersive and interesting, and i loved how much you could feel the care that the author took with creating it. similarly, i loved every single one of the characters in this book! nyla was my favorite (obviously. i’m a lesbian.) but i loved teo and everybody else as well. they were all very diverse and well developed, and i can’t wait to dig into them more in the sequel. speaking of, i can't believe how long i have to wait for the conclusion of this duology! the twist at the end of this book has me absolutely desperate for celestial monsters. i can’t wait to see where all these characters and their relationships go, and i’m hungry for more of this world !!!