I loved this book!

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Where do I even begin? I have read Aidan Thomas's other books so I knew I was in for something absolutely amazing and, boy, was I not disappointed. The world building of this story was incredible and really painted me a picture as the reader. I felt like I could see everything Teo was seeing and could have been walking right next to him. Aidan has a way of telling a common story in a truly unique way. When I say common, I don't mean generic or boring, I mean a story that showcases experiences that so many people have had and can relate to. I know that there have been a lot of stories told about children being forced to play a deadly game, but this one is different. The game is not for the amusement and entertainment of the upper class, but it is so that their society can continue existing. It is presented as an "honor" to be selected to participate, but does the winner truly win at the end? The book pulled me in and now I am impatiently waiting for the next one!