Exciting and full of great rep!

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At the beginning of the book, ten Semidioses are about to be selected to partake in the Sunbearer Trials, a series of competitions between the most worthy in Reino del Sol. The winner will carry the light to the temples, while the loser gets the great honor of being sacrificed to Sol.

Teo, our mc, isn't worried about himself, because Jades are never chosen to compete, but his best friend Niya will undoubtedly be chosen. In a shocking twist, Teo is chosen to compete along with another Jade, and he and his band of outcasts have to fight to survive. As in Aiden Thomas's other book, Cemetery Boys, the trans rep here is well written and very relatable. I especially love the decision to portray the aspect of dysphoria that comes from Teo's wings, and how it is similar, but also enhances the fantasy. I love the imagery in this book, it makes me feel like I'm right there with them, without crossing the line into boredom, actually the story is refreshingly fast-paced. In conclusion, this book is great for queer fantasy lovers and people trying to get back into reading!