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This book is marketed as Hunger Games meets Percy Jackson, which is very accurate. There are three types of gods, Jades, Obsidians, and Golds. Every decade, ten teenagers are chosen to compete in the Sunbearer Trials that will choose one Sunbearer and one sacrifice. The world building is incredible and complex. Teo is the main character and he is trans. It was really creative that he used a binder not for his chest, but to conceal the color of his wings. This book is fast paced, intense, and gets emotional the further you get into it. I loved how there was a character called Diosa Pan Dulce. I also loved how birds played an important role in the book. The characters were written very realistically, they acted like how teenagers today typically act. You can tell Thomas' writing has improved since Cemetery Boys. I loved Cemetery Boys, but this book is better written than it. The writing is very descriptive and colorful.