Another 2022 Fantasy Fav

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A story full of reveries. With a lavish mexican twist, a fascinating small fry tale, engrossing characters, critical situations, and built with systems of magic. I was excited to read this book, and it did not disappoint. This is another great fantasy read of 2022. Will I reread it? Definitely. Was it a mix of Hunger Games and Percy Jackson? Definitely caught the vibes of it being a mix of both. So if you are a fan of either or both. I think you'd enjoy this book as well.

This book will keep you on edge and excited until the very end. I liked that romance wasn't the main part of the story. It was more like a sub plot kind of situation, but not overtaking the story with a tsunami of love. The ending. Gosshhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Whyyyyyyyyyy. I need moreeee. So I'll need book two asap!

The book cover is unique. And very pretty with all the green. Very instagramable cover. The spine is nice as well.