Aiden is a new fave!

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I absolutely loved CEMETERY BOYS so when I heard that Aiden was writing a fantasy competition with gods?? Easily one of my most anticipated reads of 2022 (I know it feels like I say that for every book but truly)!

I don't like to choose favorites but if I had to, THE SUNBEARER TRIALS might just take the cake. The setting was lush - I wouldn't survive but put me in the competition! I volunteer as tribute! The characters had me in a chokehold - I would take about 100 more pages of their interactions.

I also loved the representation. I've always felt that Aiden writes trans rep with care and that doesn't change here. The small details, the honest conversations, the way he incorporated it into a fantasy world, masterful. This book was action-packed from start to finish and I am so looking forward to the sequel (& more Mars art! please).

Recommended for: anyone who loved Percy Jackson!