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I have read a lot of books and when it comes to mysteries i am rarely truly surprised anymore. Many of the mass produced detective/murder stories available on the shelves now are hard for me to get into because i find them predictable at this point. But after reading the first look at this one, I can honestly say i have NO idea where it is headed and i cannot wait to find out. The description truly does not do it justice because rather than being a paint by numbers procedural story, this novel incorporates elements of psychological suspense and the supernatural, all brought together with a delicious touch of horror. And all of this is served by some of the best character writing i have seen in ages. Rather than explaining to us who a person is and what makes them tick, the author keeps the story moving by SHOWING us those things as the characters interact with and confront the environments and situations they are faced with. He doesn't spend time trying to explain the characters to us and how we should feel, he jumps right into the story and let's us decide for ourselves as we travel through his well built world. It all makes for an engaging read that (to use a cliche i have never used before) grabs you and doesn't let go. I desperately NEED to get a copy of this one.