Warning: Keep a Character Chart

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After reading an excerpt of The Suicide House on Bookishfirst, I was excited to be approved for an ARC on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, I looked forward to a great summer read. The author grabs the reader at the very beginning with the brothers and the train incident. The main story takes place at Westmont Preparatory School in northern Indiana. I am hooked as the opening scene is late at night, a candle needs to be lit to keep the Man in the Mirror away.

I liked the short chapters but soon became confused with so many characters and trying to remember who was who. This book needed to include a character chart with a warning to the reader to use it. I later found out that this book was the second in a series but was able to stand alone. I wish I had known as the two characters, Rory and Lane, were in the first book. I especially liked Rory who is on the spectrum.

I think my rating would have been higher with either less characters and weaves in the plot or if I had realized there would be so many characters to remember.