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Fans of Good Girls Lie, The Whisper Man, and One of Us is Lying.. come gather round. I’ve got a book for you.

Westmont Prep is now the subject of a Podcast, The Suicide House. Did Chemistry teacher Mr. Gorman really kill two students a year ago, with one being impaled on a wrought iron gate? One year later, the podcast does a deep dive into its history as survivors of that night start to show up dead by suicide. Is it just a coincidence? Or, is it The Man in the Mirror? Lane Phillips is called in to assist with the podcast to make a profile for the killer. Rory Moore tries to have a relaxing vacation while Lane works. But, as forensic reconstructionist specializing in cold-case homicides, she can’t look away and begins to formulate all the data in her own way.

When I head this was about a podcast and a Prepatory School, my mind automatically went to YA. I was not expecting this thriller whodunit wild ride that had me guessing every single chapter. Was it really a suicide? Were they pushed? Is that a male or female staring through the keyhole? So many questions and so many answers.

I wished the Podcast had a bigger role in the book. I wanted to see more of their previous findings from the podcast.

Let’s talk characters. Rory is literally the character I have been looking for all my life. We have the same personality, she has my dream job, she is a bad ass. She is what my vision board always looked like. I found out The Suicide House is #2 of Rory Moore/ Lane Phillips, so now I have to grab #1 and fan girl more.
Ryder and Rory were strong females that could save themselves. I was here for it. Lane was such a great balance for Rory, even though I felt he had a minor role in this book.

The ending is my actual dream come true. It’s like being in The Beast’s library in Beauty & The Beast. It was absolutely adorable and added the perfect touch to such a great thriller. 5 fantastic stars.

Also, a massive Thank You to Charlie Donlea on the authors note showing other books I could read with each character in it. I am picking up Some Choose Darkness ASAP!

Thank you so much Kensington Books & NetGalley for the gifted copy. This comes out July 28th, and I can’t wait to hear everyone else’s reaction.