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The Suicide House started off creepy and suspenseful. It opens up with a journal entry which are scattered throughout the book and were the most interesting parts. We then learn about teenagers brutally slaughtered at a boarding school. The survivors eventually return to the same location one by one to kill themselves. This sounded very intriguing and just the title alone was enough to interest me!

I wasn’t as sucked in as I hoped I would have been. Donlea is a good writer, there is no doubt about that but I didn’t think all the POVs were necessary with multiple plot lines. It made it a little longer to just get to the point but perhaps it was to build suspense. That just personally doesn’t work for me. I felt it took awhile to get to the big reveal and the ending was kind of a flop. Our MC’s investigating the murders also host their own podcasts. Now, this is a personal preference but I think that the podcast thing is getting a little played out. Just a little overrated and I don’t think it necessarily relevant to any of the plot. The ending it quite anti-climactic and it feels like the build up was for nothing.