“So much mystery and suspense”

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Right off bat this book starts out with a lot of mystery and waiting to find out what’s gonna happen next. This book has me wondering what’s truly going on at that school, what are some of the students and teachers truly hiding. Is the man in the mirror truly an urban legend or is he a real killer willing to kill to keep his secrets? You will be on the edge of your seat the whole way through. There’s twists and turns in every direction. You’ll be reeling for more. I can’t say how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading the sneak peak, I can’t wait to find out what more there is to come in this book when I am able to fully read it to the greatest extent. There’s no telling how far these prestige people in this small Indiana town will go to protect their secrets and to keep what happened last year from happening again. if you want a scare or just a good mystery don’t be shy pick up this book and find out what’s happening at westmont preparatory