Pretty good!

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This was my first Charlie Donlea book and it for sure won’t be my last!! I looove books related to boarding schools and academia so this was right up my alley. Now put in a podcast and some mysterious deaths!? YES PLEASE.

There was so much going on from the very beginning between different timelines and journal entries which occasionally led to a little confusion about what exactly was important, but it also held my attention since I couldn’t find out how everything tied together fast enough! In the end, it all came together really really well.

The chapters are also super short which I loved!! As for the characters, I did really enjoy Rory’s eccentricities and her unwavering drive to solve cases that no one else can. I will definitely be picking up Donlea’s other book involving Rory and her partner Lane and will be keeping my fingers crossed for more Rory and Lane in future books!