LOVED it!!

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I absolutely loved this book! It can be read as a stand-alone book but is the 2nd o e technically. We follow Rory and her other half, Lane as they try to put together the pieces of a cold case. Two students murdered a year previously and now the survivors one by one go back to that location to commit suicide. Thus the suicide house. As we learn the bits and pieces along with Rory and Lane we start to try and solve the mystery of that night because something about it is not right. I started to think I knew who was the real culprit was but boy was I way off! I was totally shocked by who the killer actually was and why the survivors where going back to the scene to end their lives. I highly recommend this read! I added a link to my Barnes and noble review but it shows all reviews. Mine is under the name bsiev84. Hopefully you can find it and see it? This is an amazing book. He’s a great writer!