Keeps You Guessing!

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I have to say I truly enjoyed.... no - LOVED this book! I found myself constantly wanting to read more, so I took the book with me everywhere I went. Even if I could only get a paragraph in at a time, that's exactly what I did. I went and got a pedicure DETERMINED to get some quality reading in and felt so rude to the technician because she kept trying to make conversation while ALL my mind was on was THIS BOOK!

If you enjoy multiple plot lines eventually merging into one, you'll LOVE this book. Donlea does an amazing job at keeping you on your toes, never truly being able to guess who is who, what is going to happen, and the outcome of the story. I found myself guessing throughout the entire book, but I was always wrong!

There was definitely also a spooky, slightly supernatural element to this story that I truly enjoyed- it was nothing over the top or completely unbelievable. It fit the story just right and really tied certain elements together to make it more complete.