I've had difficulty rating this novel.

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The Suicide House is captivating and the writing style is wonderfully descriptive. It's a fast-paced read, but at times I found it oddly confusing and predictable.

The characters through the book had very similar names and, for me, it was hard to remember them and connect to them. The chapters jumped from each person and between timelines. Parts of the novel were incredibly repetitive, I felt like I was starting the story over again at various points. For me, it took away from the plot and I felt disconnected from the main story. Unfortunately, I was able to see the twists as they made their appearance in the book and that kind of defeats the purpose of the mystery novel, doesn't it? Maybe I was expecting to be wow'd, but it just didn't happen.

The Suicide House intrigued me enough to read the entire book, but unfortunately, I don't plan read it again in the future.

Thank you Kensington Publishing for providing me an e-ARC to read and review honestly.