I couldn't put it down!

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A boarding school with a mysterious murder. The accused murderer kills himself in front of a train and the friends of those killed slowly begin to do kill themselves as well. The local cops believe the case is closed, but some think things are a little suspicious. Rory and Lane need to use their unique skills to solve the mystery. What is going on at this boarding school.

This was a fun read! It was like Cold Case and Criminal Minds rolled up into a book. I love Rory so much and now I feel that I need to read the others by this author. The story went back and forth between a lot of characters. At first I struggled a little at keeping them straight, but once I remembered who was who, it was fun. It went back and forth between a year ago when the murders took place and the present. The reader learns the events that lead up to it, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense at first. It all comes together in the end and it was… woah! There was a part where I kept trying to close my eyes, like a would in a movie, but it’s hard to read with my eyes closed. I recommend this book for mystery/thriller fans.