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In the second installment of Rory Moore and Lane Phillips, Rory and Lane are drawn into a sinister group of deaths among students at an elite boarding prep school that go to a house and kill themselves. But why? A podcaster and reporter are trying to determine what really happened at this house, and why so many are being found dead. As the danger gets closer and closer to them, Rory stumbles upon a clue that brings them closer to solving the mystery and identifying the real mystery behind all the deaths.
This is disturbing and sad to think of the manipulation of a person's mind. Spooky book and once again, Rory comes through. The ending hints of many, many more adventures for Rory and Lane - I can't wait!! I really enjoy this series and I am excited to see what is next for this couple. Lots of cold cases for Rory to examine and sink her teeth info solving.