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I didn’t know this was a book 2 when I requested it and I hadn’t read book 1, Some Choose Darkness. I found you need not have read it to follow along, but I loved this one so much that I will go back and read it now. This book was simply amazing, yet there was nothing simple about it. Normally I would sum up the book in my own words, but I will skip that and just get straight to gushing.

You know when you’re watching crime movies, and the detectives have these walls of information on all the suspects with their pictures and details? I imagine such a wall in Donlea’s house, but with plotlines and characters. There are multiple perspectives in this book, multiple writing styles, and alternating timelines which seem like it would be utterly impossible to keep track of. The result is a fantastically layered book that comes together in the way of a puzzle.

Let’s talk about the various writing styles. You get the brilliance that is Rory’s mind, a podcast in written form, a journal entry, and the storyline. Add in the multiple points of view, and alternating timelines, then you can see why I picture Donlea’s wall as I described. I think where others are complaining there are too many points of view, I see only the brilliance of how well executed it is.

So I was reading this and going: “hey, I can have more of Rory and Lane in book 1.” But then I got to the Author’s Note at the end and learned that some of these characters crop up in other works of Donlea, and he’s just hooked a reader for life. This was such a super fun read. I loved the multiple mysteries that arise, and I loved the characters and how each of them goes about solving them (or creating them). So well done!