Checks all of my boxes.

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I’m going to start out by saying that this book has all of my favorite things. A true crime podcast? Check. A secret society? Check. Suspicious deaths? Check. Cold case reconstruction? Check. Creepy dolls? Check. I could keep going, believe me.

Our book starts with a podcast, chronicling the the murders of two prep school students that occurred during a secret society hazing event. All of the evidence points to a scorned teacher, who later attempts suicide, and is left in a vegetative state. Throughout the next year, the students who were involved with the society start committing suicide the same way that their teacher tried to end his jumping in front of a train near campus.

Rory, a forensic deconstructionist, and Lane, a forensic psychologist, are first called in to work on the podcast, but find themselves working to reopen the case.

I love Rory. She loves to melt into the background, exclusively wears combat boots, yet refurbishes porcelain dolls in her downtime. And she’s insane at her job. The way she thinks about things and the way she’s able to put facts together are enviable.

The story was fast paced, aided by super short chapters. I’ll never know why I can read a book more quickly when the chapters are short, but here we are. I’d recommend this one to creeps like me, and also anyone who likes a good thriller that keeps you on your toes.

I received an advance copy for independent review.