Pennies, Puzzles, and Perdition

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Ryder Hillier has spent a year researching the Westmont Prep Killings for her true-crime blog. Her YouTube channel had millions of views. But her hard work is being overshadowed by a podcast.

Ever in search of ratings, Mack Carter hosts that podcast; it's dedicated to those Westmont Prep Killings. With true crime podcasts being among the most popular, and Mack Carter being a bona fide star, it's no surprise that thousands download the episodes and then discuss them on social media.

The gruesome slaughter of two Westmont Preparatory High students was rumored to be tied to a dangerous game called "The Man in the Mirror" that a group of young people were playing.

One student was killed, impaled on the wrought iron gate. How was the second student killed? What did Theo Compton know that he was so afraid to tell? Why are the survivors returning to the abandoned house to kill themselves?

And what do the smashed pennies have to do with it?