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The Sin in the Steel is set in a world much like our own but with a variety of interesting fantasy characters that capture the reader’s interest. I particularly liked Buc’s ingenuity and insight as well as her interest in books and knowledge. I also liked Eld’s reserved personality and his quickness in thought and action when needed, as well as his eagerness to protect Buc. The antagonist character’s personalities are also well developed. The Widowmaker’s insensitivity matches Buc’s tough attitude and determination, while the Ghost Captain’s inaccessibility and control of the undead challenges the main characters with constant obstacles.

Even though I enjoyed the overall story, it was hard for me to get into the book. I felt that every time I was getting into the story, I was pulled out by a sudden change in the setting or time frame. Some sections were flashbacks, which helped to clarify the story, but a few times the author fast forwards and the reader is left not knowing what is going on until later when the characters look back to the events. I often wondered if I had missed something and went back to re-read parts of the story to try and figure out what was going on. Also, there is profanity and sexual references that some readers may not appreciate.