A Stab Wound, A Bloody Dress, and A Stacked Library

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The first page of the first chapter drops you right in the middle of the action, grabs you by the ankles, and does not let you go.
I saw a woman with a knife on the cover, and it made me click the more info button. I saw fantasy and I clicked download on the first look. When I went back to read it, that was all I knew. Oh my goodness I was surprised. There were stab wounds, bloody dresses, guns, mages, and a stacked library. Every word Buc said made me want to know more. She and Eld had to fight off a bunch of men who didn’t pay them for something, and they killed them all. The chapter opens right as these two are being dragged to trial, still covered in blood from their fight. It leaves off without telling us what the results of their little trial (and it was little because it was slapped together in a library and happened instantly with a musket to the back of Buc’s head). I honestly do not want to have to wait until July to find out!