Invisibly Quiet

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Ever since I read Between Shades of Grey, I've always been drawn to the lesser known stories that occurred within WWII. Last year I actually read The Nightingale, which includes lots of spy work within France, so The Silent Unseen was right up my alley because it combines these two elements. I had a lot of complicated feelings towards the Silent Unseen in Poland because while I understand them hiding, it did hurt me a lot to see Maria deceived, particularly in light of her brother. It doesn't help that Tomek might've even had a hand in the death of their parents back in their village, so I found this complex relationship dynamic to be realist to the morally grey time period. Nobody is really safe from doing bad things in the pursuit of survival and freedom. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel, and I just found out that Traitor is a companion novel, so there's more story to tell!