If your into WW2 RECOMMEND !!!

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1940s Poland during WWII. It's almost a if there is no need to say more... but there is so much more. This beautiful work of historical fiction is told in dual POVs between Maria and Kostya. I've read dozens of books set during World War II but this one was unique because it took place in Poland and focused on Polish and Ukrainian characters. Typically, books during this era are set in Britain, France, or Germany and with Russia's current attack on Ukraine, I found this story especially timely. It was not a negative experience, I would've preferred more emotional depth and voice distinction however. This novel is a look into a part of history I have not experienced in most of my reading . As a piece of historical fiction, you can tell the author does her homework with the research, and it brings to light a side of WW2 history that I never knew about before. And the author is a very talented writer, that is to be sure. Recommend reading the physical copy and not listening to the audio book !