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The Silent Unseen opened my eyes to a whole new part of World War II history. I never knew there was an actual group called the ‘silent unseen’ who were part of a special operations unit. Wiki says ‘The Silent Unseen" were elite special-operations paratroopers of the Polish Army in exile, created in Great Britain during World War II to operate in occupied Poland’

This is the story of 16-year-old Maria who is growing up in Poland in 1944. She’s just been released from a forced labor camp in Nazi Germany and is on her way home. But when she gets home, she finds her village has been destroyed and her parents have been killed and buried. What makes this loss even sadder is that years before she lost her older brother, Tomek, to the war. And now she is alone.

As Maria moves along the country side trying to find her new place in this war riddled world, she meets a boy her age named Kostya. Soon Kostya is injured and she must care for him in addition to protecting herself. Out of no where they run into Tomek, who explains to Maria that he was never dead. He has become part of the silent unseen! Tomek and his men reveal to Maria that Kostya may not be who he says he is. And he may be part of the group of terrorist who destroyed their village and killed their parents.

This book is a wild a turbulent adventure set during the historical and dark times of WW2. I learned a lot of new information and the characters were easy to relate to even though the times were much different. A highly enjoyable read!