Haunting, Fast-Paced Read

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The Silent Unseen was a gripping historical fiction that will draw in readers from the first pages. Told from two perspectives during WWII, readers get a unique perspective of the war. McCrina manages to find a fresh take on a heavily written about subject.

Beautifully written, descriptive, and about a significantly underrepresented subject. Reading this during such a tumultuous time for the Ukrainian people made this even more haunting and immersive.

The only two significant issues with the book were:
1. The pace felt too quick at times. Jumping from one scene to the next felt rushed and choppy at times.
2. The story was rushed at the end and abruptly cut off.

A very enjoyable read until the end. Although the end was not as satisfying as I hoped, I would still recommend this to a friend. If you enjoy historical fiction and WWII novels, but want a fresh take on the subject, this is for you!