Gripping World War II Novel

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I really enjoyed this historical fiction book! The Silent Unseen is about a period of time during World War II that frequently gets overlooked and of which I had never even known about prior to reading this story. The novel centers around a 16 year old girl named Maria who finds her way back to her home in Poland after being in Nazi Germany and suffering in a forced labor camp there for many years. After arriving in Poland, Maria discovers that her older brother is working as a special agent and is now the leader of a local resistance group. I found this story to be very gripping and hard to put down. I really enjoyed all of the characters (especially Maria and Kostya), and found them to be very relatable. I was never bored when I read this story, and I found that the pacing of the novel was excellent. I truly appreciate this author and the fact that this story is written about a period in WWII that many people, including me, did not know about. The cover of the story is also very eye catching and made me interested in wanting to learn more about the novel when I saw it for the first time. This is a great historical fiction tale and I would definitely recommend it!