Gripping and haunting

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Behind the beautiful cover of THE SILENT UNSEEN, Amanda McCrina has deftly painted with passion and preciseness this harrowing story that would tug at your heartstrings.
The Silent Unseen will take you on Maria’s emotional journey brimming with grief, loss, pain, resilient, hope and fear…
Maria returned to her hometown after two years of being kept as slaves in German, only to discover that everything was gone.. While she was mourning her loss, she crossed path with Katya, who unexpectedly changed her course of her destiny. In addition, to her great surprise, she reunited with her brother, Tomek, whom she thought he’s dead years ago. But Tomek turned out to be a different person now…
Would this reunion a blissful event or endanger Maria’s life?
THE SILENT UNSEEN is definitely a gripping and haunting WW-II historical thriller that you wouldn’t want to miss out!
I would like to thank BookishFirst for this emotional ride of THE SILENT UNSEEN!