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The story is about Maria who is making her way home after years of forced labor in Nazi Germany, only to find her village destroyed and her parents killed in a war between the Polish Resistance and Ukrainian nationalists. To her shock, the local Resistance unit is commanded by her older brother, Tomek, who she thought was dead. He is now a “Silent Unseen,” which is a special-operations agent helping to resist the enemy. I really enjoyed reading about Maria and Kostya. They are the two main young people in the story. I will admit I did not know much about this period and what happened in Poland with the NKVD and UPA. The beginning of the story was a bit slow but it really picks up after a bit. It was hard to keep track of who was who because there were a lot of characters coming and going. Sometimes they used nicknames and code names so that was a tad bit confusing at times. All in all, I really did enjoy the story and was happily surprised at one turn of events.. t is a quick read, I wish it had been longer. By the end, I wanted to know so much more about Maria, her brother, and Kostya.