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Maria has finally been released from a labor camp in Poland, and she’s in search of her brother, who she hasn’t seen in years. Nazis have destroyed her home and taken her brother away from her, so she’s set on a hunt to find him.

There was so much depth to Maria’s character, and my eyes were opened to so much of the destruction and terror that Nazi Germany had across Europe at the time. This was such a heart-gripping read, and I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. The pacing was good, and I found the book never lacking action or intrigue. There wasn’t a dull moment where I wasn’t rooting for Maria and hoping she would find Tomek among the war-torn countryside.

The relationship between Maria and Kostyra is an interesting one, and I found myself turning pages rapidly to see where they would end up. I loved this story—as heartbreaking as it was.