Captivating Historical

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When getting into a historical book, I've always seen that its helped when I'd prepared my heart for the worst, though simultaneously. I'd also had wished for the best. As I read into the book I recognized the classic historical trope of seeing things from a Jewish person's perspective. As we open the book we read along the pages and stumble upon our brave main character, Maria, who lives in Poland around world War two. We join Maria on her heart-rending journey to find her brother Tomek. Seeing Maria and Koysta work together was very nerve wracking and made me anxious. In conclusion, my last thoughts on the book was just that I'd wished that it was a tad bit longer. All that was left, was me in my head, pondering on what else the characters' futures had in store for themselves.

Other thoughts; the book cover is really good and I'd say that it also goes well with the story. The blueish and redish tints were also very good details of the heartbreaking truth of what the war did to the people, land and that time period as well.