An interesting story about something not talked about a ton.

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This is a book I was super excited for when it popped up on Bookishfirst. It is a book I had to have. It lived up to the hype for me. The beautiful cover. The incredibly interesting synopsis. This was a book for me.

This book is a duel narrative. It follows 16 year old Maria who is an escapee from a labor camp in Nazi Germany and a young man named Kostya. A Ukrainian who Maria hates.

Maria's older brother Tomek is the commander of the local Polish resistance. She thought he was dead the whole time. Her parents were. The book follows her journey to figure out the truth. What is going on and what happened.

There is some romance in the book. There are some high points and some that kind of drag on. All in all this is an entertaining book that I read in a few sittings. I would highly recommend it to the World war two fan looking for a unique story about undoubtedly the most covered war in human history.