A solid WWII story.

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I received this book from the publisher for a review. With everything going on in Ukraine right now, I felt like it had a stronger significance to be read.

I enjoyed it - I felt for the characters, and I liked the emotions and the struggles that were portrayed throughout. You have a girl who escaped from a camp who is returning back to where her family lived. On her way, she meets a boy who was recently discharged from is position in a group of radicals that do covert operations. Both of them are on different sides fighting for a better future.

I think what has me a bit confused is if this is meant to be a sequel? Is it? Because the way it ends, there are some unsolved character feelings and outcomes. It's very vague and ominous that makes me wonder if it were the publisher and or the author is waiting on the outcome of this books popularity.

I recommend the book for teens who enjoy reading stories set during WWII and with characters of their age.