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Wow!!! Never saw that coming!!

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Thanks to Celadon Books and Bookish First for the ARC of The Silent Patient. It was a well-written, well-crafted thriller. I was absolutely sure I knew who the person was that Alicia claimed was following her. I was so sure, that I checked back several times to confirm my suspicion. Her silence made the story that much more eerie. I couldn't imagine why this woman was keeping silent about the death of her husband, and why she had painted the one painting after his death.
Her psychiatrist was trying to break through to her, and was making great strides, until something terrible happened to Alicia. And, then, everything you thought you knew turned out to be wrong!
It was a shocking conclusion to this thriller, and totally unexpected. A real shocker!!
I thought some of the story dragged on a little, otherwise this would have been 5 stars for me. But, I still really loved it!
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