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This.. . This book got me back into reading!

I swipped it off a bookshelf, knowing nothing about the book, only reading the back, and cashing out and boy was it a ride.

Not only was the subject interesting, the ending BLEW MY MIND! So did the twist! This was the start of my thriller genera love.

Far as the writing- some times the main character annoyed me. I know he was a well educated man, being a pyschologist, but sometimes he spoke so plain. I expected a bit more to his explaining.

The way they introduced the backstory confused me too sometimes. I got really into the main story, then itd switch without a warning in the next chapter and it took awhile for me to understood it switched. Maybe that was just me...

That being said, it was a nice read. Nothing too crazy, good amount of pages, and a good plot. I almost wish we got the main females point of veiw as well, but the males did a great job with the story.